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The RackTrap

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The Racktrap™ is an undetectable personal bra pocket that holds everyday essentials including license, cash and credit cards conveniently in your bra.

  • Made of hypo-allergenic poly material

  • Designed to fit comfortably in any size or style bra

  • Designed for women on the go

  • Holds small essentials in one safe place, allowing the
    freedom to go purseless, whether running errands or a marathon.

Likely markets are:

• Resorts • Hospital/Healthcare Professionals • Fitness Clubs
• Marathoners • Health-related walks and relays • Breast Cancer Awareness

Special edition Gold, now in stock. Custom colors are available, plus a water-resistant sport version - for the woman on the run!

The Racktrap™, NEW to the promotional products industry, is presented to you first by Custom InterSource. This is the NEW, unique, never before seen promotional product that YOUR customers want.

racktrap racktrap

For more information email: TheRackTrap@customintersource.com

racktrap racktrap
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